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The Neverland Express Band

Pat Thrall

Lead Guitar, Vocals

When Meat hired me in 1988 I spent almost a full week, 10 hours a day, slaving over Meat's albums and live tapes to learn what are very complex songs and arrangements so that when we started rehearsals for the tour I would be as prepared as possible. The first day of rehearsal I was a bit nervous because I didn't want to screw up too much, but hey, it was the first of three days of rehearsals so what do you expect? Meat comes in and says "Let's do 'Bat Out Of Hell'." We did it and it went pretty well. After it was over Meat said, "That's great! You'll be fine Pat" ...and the rest of the day he had us work on an old Buddy Holly song the band had never played before. That's the great thing about never know what to expect from him and that's what keeps the gig fun and fresh. There's never a dull moment! Thanks for the thrills, Meat.

Pat Thrall began working with Meat Loaf in 1988. With a tour close, Pat spent a lot of time learning the arrangements, but even so, was nervous when rehearsals began. After hearing Pat do "Bat Out Of Hell", however, Meat had no reservations and whatsoever. Pat became a wonderful and creative addition to the band for 11 years! Who didn't have to take a deep breath when Pat would do his lead guitar solos? His incredible sound and unquestionable talent will forever remain in any Meat Loaf fan's heart. It is unfortunate for us that he has chosen to move on.
But move on is exactly what he is doing, and he is doing it with style!! His talents will still be available to us, but in a bit different manner than we might expect! Pat, along with his wife Zoe, has opened his own business in association with Avatar Studios called STUDIO PT.
"At the heart of Studio PT is an integrated hardware/software based computer system called Pro Tools. Pro Tools is, for all intents and purposes, a recording studio inside of the computer. It has a multitrack recorder just like the tape machines you see in every recording studio but instead of using tape, it uses an external hard drive to record to. The advantages of this are enormous!
Having music recorded into a computer means that you can manipulate it just as you do words in a word processor. If the drummer hits a snare drum out of time, you can cut and paste it into the right place in time. If the singer sings out of tune, you can tune him/her perfectly. If you like the way the band played the 1st verse, but you didn't like the way they played the 2nd verse, you can "fly in" the 1st verse over the 2nd verse seamlessly. There are now software versions of famous guitar amplifiers such as Marshalls and Fenders that allows a guitarist to plug in to the computer and play through a vintage amp.
Pro Tools also has a mixing board just like the one's in major studios. Pat does mixes in the computer as complex as mixing engineers do in conventional studios."

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