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The Neverland Express Band

Patti Russo


Once upon a time there was a salon assistant who dreamt of becoming a singer. Though she worked with a small local band in the wee hours of the night, her visions were far greater.
One day she came across an audition in the local music paper. Quickly she gathered her songs and went on her way. She was to audition for the King of Bublandia, who ruled the world of Rock n' Roll. She sang with a passion so great that when she left the audition, she kicked a local peddler in the street (well it was really a local bus, but hey, it's my fairy tale!). The king sounded the trumpets that they had found their singer (OK, so he called on the phone), and she sang happily ever after.
Life with Meat Loaf has been like a Rock n' Roll fairy tale come true. He took me under his wing and saw someone who wanted to learn and let me go for it. Very few people are fortunate enough to get a chance to follow their dreams and live them. Fewer still get an honest person to give them that chance -- do I feel lucky! I've been dealt a royal flush.

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