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The Neverland Express Band

Pearl's venue.. background vocals

Pearl may be one of the newest members of The Neverland Express, but to die~hard Meat Loaf fans, she is certainly no stranger! She is Meat's older daughter, and for many years now, we have seen the occasional glimpses of her in photos and the often given credit and thanks from her father to her (and her sister and mom) on his CD sleeves.

Pearl began touring with the band in 1994, towards the end of the "Bat Out of Hell 2" world tour. She is featured on Meat's "Welcome to the Neighborhood" and "Live Around the World" CD's. In 1996 she toured with the "Born To Rock" world tour and also was in the band at the 1997 Inaugural Ball.

Once, a college student majoring in creative writing, she now is working toward a solo singing career. Her talent is obvious, as we have seen on the previously mentioned tours and appearances, but it became very clear as we got to hear her singing a cappella on "Storytellers"...the recently aired VH1 Meat Loaf Special.

In 1998, Pearl decided to become a full-fledged member of The Neverland Express, and we are the better for it. Her strong voice and ability to harmonize so well with Patti, has made her, already, invaluable to The Neverland Express.

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