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The Neverland Express Band

Steve Buslowe

Bass Guitar, Vocals & Musical Director

"We've got a real pressure cooker going here..."
Familiar words to any Meat Loaf fan, and a familiar situation to any member of the Neverland Express! Meat Loaf always gives 110 percent -- and expects no less from his band. Whether we are rehearsing, in the recording studio, playing the smallest club or the largest arena, Meat Loaf is in overdrive and we have to keep up. It's my 19th year on stage with the man, and I can assure you that the 1996 model is all revved and ready to rock! By the way, that 110 percent I mentioned? That goes for the softball game on the day off too, which is why I'll do anything for Meat, but I won't play softball.

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