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From Album Meat Loaf - Midnight at the Lost and Found Released: 04/01/1983.

Keep Driving.

Another New York waltz at four A.M.
In the canyons lost at night
The city's just a jail for me
Full of high rise prison walls
And I'm riding through the darkness
`Cause I know there's life within
And I'm searching through the shadows
Just to find that light again

Keep Driving (Keep Driving)
Let the meter run
Keep Driving (Keep Driving)
Oh the night's not really done
Keep Driving

And I'm hanging on a memory and I feel it in the air
I'm a prisoner of these lonely streets but I know I'll find you
And oh Lord, you look so pretty but you can see it in my eyes
And just before my tear will fall oh you smile and get inside

It seems so real until the light turns green
Don't wake me up don't ruin this dream
Don't take me from my scene

I can't go home don't take me home
I can't go home alone

They don't tell you when the music stops
Or how the movie ends
Is it too late once the feeling's gone
To back it up and start it all again?

Oh Lord you look so pretty
But you can see it in my eyes
And just before my tear will fall
Oh you smile and get inside

Keep Driving (Keep Driving)
Keep Driving (Keep Driving)
I can't go home
Don't take me home
I can't go home alone
Keep Driving (let the meter run)
Keep Driving (Don't take me home)

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