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Meat...the Man.


Marvin Lee Aday is born to Wilma and Wesley Aday in Dallas, Texas on September 27th. Wesley calls his son “Meat”... His mother calls him M.L.


16-year-old Meat Loaf and friends, Jimmy McCorder and Billy Slocum are witnesses President Kennedy’s limousine arriving at Parkland Hospital after JFK is shot on November 23rd. They had earlier seen the Kennedys arrive at Love Field.


Meat Loaf auditions for the school play, “Plain and Fancy,” and wins the role of “Ezra. His coach tells him to choose between baseball and acting, and Meat Loaf chooses the play. On a dare, Meat Loaf jumps on stage with a band and starts singing, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” The band is impressed and asks him to go on the road with them.


Meat Loaf attends Lubbock Christian College.


Meat Loaf transfers to North Texas State. He is then called to submit to an Army physical, but is not inducted into service


Wilma Aday is losing her battle with cancer. Meat Loaf quits college and moves to Los Angeles. When he learns that Wilma has died, he returns for the funeral, only to leave again when his father tries to kill him. Meat Loaf ends up in Michigan and forms his first band, “Meat Loaf Soul”, which later changes to “Popcorn Blizzard” and “Floating Circus.”


The band breaks up and Meat Loaf returns to L. A.


Meat Loaf meets Stoney while doing "Hair". They record a self- titled album for "Rare Earth".


Meat Loaf is invited to play “Ulysses S. Grant” in a play called “Hair”. The play opens in L.A., later crossing the continent to play in Detroit and New York. He signs with Motown while in Detroit and cuts a single called “What You See is What You Get,” a duet with Stoney.


In New York, Meat Loaf auditions for “More Than You Deserve.” He and Jim Steinman meet for the first time. He appears in another play in New York called “Rainbow” in which he portrays a character named “Buddha.”


Meat Loaf records the single, "Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet"/"Stand By Me", but it will not be released until 1975.


Meat Loaf records a demo for Earl Shuman that is supposed to be sent to Frank Sinatra for an album. Sinatra refuses to do the song because he feels Meat Loaf “owns the song.”


Meat Loaf plays the duel roles of “Eddie” and “Dr. Scott” on Broadway, later recreating the role of “Eddie” for the movie. He later joins the cast of “Rockabye Hamlet,” a musical in which he plays a priest, and then travels with the “National Lampoon Road Show” until 1977. He finds time to add background vocals to Ted Nugent’s album, “Free For All.” Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman begin auditioning the songs for “Bat Out of Hell” at various record companies, getting turned away from all of them.


“Bat Out of Hell” is recorded at Utopia Records under the care of Todd Rundgren.


“Bat” is released on October 21 on the Cleveland International label affiliated with Epic Records and CBS.


In January, Meat Loaf performs “For Crying Out Loud” for the CBS Convention in New Orleans to an overwhelming response. He later appears on “Saturday Night Live.” Touring begins in the U.S. to promote the album. Later the band will tour Australia. The album goes double platinum by September. The “Bat” video is almost premiered on “Midnight Special” in May, but technical difficulties pull it off the air almost before it starts. Meat Loaf is in Arlington, Virginia for a show when this happens, and he loses control of himself and disappears for three days, ending up in Toronto. Even he can’t remember where he’s been for those three days. While performing in Ottawa, Meat Loaf falls off the stage and spends a month in a wheelchair with a broken leg.


Meat Loaf meets Leslie Edmonds at the Bearsville Studio while working on “Bad For Good”. They are married on February 23, twenty-one days after they meet. Meat Loaf loses his voice and pulls out of “Bad For Good”. Jim Steinman continues working on the album without him. Meat Loaf appears in the movies, “Scavenger Hunt,” and “Americathon.”


Meat Loaf appears in the movie, “Roadie,” in which he plays the world's greatest roadie! Problems begin to arise with David Sonenberg’s management of Meat Loaf’s career and money.


Amanda Aday is born January 21st. “Dead Ringer For Love” is recorded as a duet with Cher. David Sonenberg and new partner, Al Dellentash sabotage the movie of the same title. Meat Loaf and Leslie confront Sonenberg and Dellentash about their mishandling and tell them they are changing management. Sonenberg and Dellentash respond with multiple lawsuits.


Epic releases a "Greatest Original Hits" album and a "Live" album called "Meat Loaf in Europe '82". "Read 'Em and Weep is released as a single.


Meat Loaf quits Epic and signs with Arista. His first album with the new label is “Midnight at the Lost and Found”.


“Bad Attitude” is recorded in England.


Meat Loaf appears in the German film, “Feel the Motion,” and begins a tour to promote “Bad Attitude.”


“Blind Before I Stop” is released. Meat Loaf appears in the movie, “Out of Bounds.” Walter Winnick and George Gilbert are hired to manage Meat Loaf.


Meat Loaf appears in the movie, “The Squeeze.” Final judgments end the litigation between Meat Loaf and Sonenberg and Dellentash. The IRS audits the Adays, but ends up giving them a refund after seeing the financial chaos caused by Sonenberg and Dellentash. Meat Loaf begins another tour, but in smaller venues. His family accompanies him, with Leslie as road manager. They tour frequently together until 1992.


Meat Loaf tours the United Kingdom, where he continues to be a huge celebrity.


Bernie Gilhuly begins managing Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf and his family tour Ireland, England, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, and the Middle East, followed by a tour of the U.S.


A big year for his film career, Meat Loaf appears in “Wayne’s World” as “Tiny,” “Motorama,” “Leap of Faith” (with Steve Martin and Debra Winger), and the comedy, “The Gun in Betty Lou’s Handbag.”


Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman come together for the historical reprise, “Bat Out of Hell II.” The album goes to #1 on the charts, and the single, “Anything For Love” hits #1 in twenty- five countries. A 215-show tour begins, to promote the new album.


Meat Loaf wins a Grammy for “Best Rock Vocal” for “Anything For Love.” "Bat Out Of Hell II Picture Show" video is released, and Meat Loaf embarks on a major tour to promote the new album


Meat Loaf appears in the films, “To Catch a Yeti” and “Outside Ozona.”


“Welcome to the Neighborhood” is released.


Meat Loaf appears in the movies, “Spice World,” and “The Mighty.”


Meat Loaf appears in the movies, “Everything That Rises,” “Gun Shy,” and “Black Dog.”


Meat Loaf hosts “VH1 Storytellers,” which leads to the release of a CD. A “Greatest Hits” CD is also released. He appears in the movies, “Fight Club” and “Crazy in Alabama,” Meat Loaf also publishes his autobiography, “To Hell and Back.”


Meat Loaf appears in the movie, “Rustin,” and an HBO film, “Blacktop.”


Anticipated release of "Funhouse" CD. Meat Loaf appears in the movies, “Wishcraft” and“Focus.”

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