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From Album Meat Loaf - Bad Attitude Released: 04/01/1984.

Jumpin' The Gun.

Heaven blesses those who wait
Patience is a virtue son
Keep your toe on the line
Keep your foot on the brake
No sense jumpin' the gun

Girl I'm tired of waitin' you know life's too short
Lemme kiss ya 'til the night is done
Ain't no doubt about it you're my favorite sport
God I wanna jump the gun

Feel like
Jumpin' the gun
Tonight I'm gonna jump the gun
No crime in havin' some fun
How about jumpin' the gun

They say it doesn't matter if ya win or lose
Only matters how ya play the game
Well let me tell ya baby if I had to choose
Gotta win ya know or go insane

Willya hold me like a trophy
Willya burn up the track
Willya love me when the title's won
Blow away the competition baby
Never look back
Tonight I'm gonna jump ...!

Better get ready
Better get set girl
This time we're jumpin' the gun
Ya think we're goin' too fast
Ain't sen nothin' yet girl
This time we're jumpin' the gun
Ready, take your mark
Oh I just can't wait
This time we're jumpin' the gun
Y'gotta break a couple rules
If ya wanna break the tape
This time we're jumpin' the gun

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