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From Album Meat Loaf - Bad Attitude Released: 04/01/1984.

Dont leave your mark on me.

Under your protective wing I walked into the light
And a thousand angry demons up and took flight
I went running through the fields with that fever in my veins
And the rain came crashing down and tried to clear my name
Above my head, all in red, I could see you
Leaning down on me you said you're not running out
You said you're leaving now
I will find you
There is no way out
I'll keep tracking you down in the still of the night
Mine forever, mine forever

Don't leave your mark on me
No need to reply
I'm not staying
I'm just killing time
Don't leave your mark on me
There's no need to reply
I'm not staying
This nightmare never ends
Memories of absent friends

Masked illusions stare at me
Point the finger silently
Stand accused of a dark affair
There's a ghost in here somewhere
There's a ghost in here somewhere

Mistress of the darkness, accomplice of the night
A shadow in the doorway beckons me inside
And something led the way through I couldn't see its face
And a voice from deep inside me seemed to get out of this place
In my head, all was said as the jailor turned the key on me
He said you're not running out, he said you're not leaving now
He said there's no way, there is no way

Don't leave your mark on me

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