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Bat out of hell. January 1977

Dead Ringer January 1981

Midnight at the lost and found January 1983

Bad Attitude January 1984

Prime Cuts January 1989

Dead Ringer January 1991

Bat out of Hell 1. January 1993

Meatloaf and Friends January 1994

Rock and Roll Hero January 1995

Chat out of Hell May 1995

Definitive July 1995

Welcome to the Neighborhood November 1995

Welcome to the Neighborhood November 1995

Live Around the World. January 1996

Very Best Of. October 1998

Collection January 1999

Masters February 1999

Simply The Best April 2000

Two Outtsa Three Aint Bad April 2002

Best Of. April 2003

Could'nt have said it better myself. May 2003

Fallen Angel June 2003

Man Of Steel. December 2003

Couldnt have said it better December 2003

Hits Outta Hell January 2004

Rock and Roll Hero. July 2004

Live with Melbourne Symphony October 2004

All comin back to me now. January 2006

Blind Before I Stop. January 2006

The Monster Is Loose. October 2006

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